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Protection With A View

Patio & Balcony Enclosures

  • Beautifully designed appearance, giving your property charm and lasting curb appeal.
  • Strong aluminum constructed frame using architectural strength 6063 alloy.
  • Certified testing shows over 90% UV reduction resulting in potential energy savings of over 30%, while still maintaining 90% light visibility – while reducing interior heat load.
  • Stainless steel mesh provides exceptional security and enables privacy.
  • Provides exceptional security and enhances privacy.
  • Easily cleans with hose, brush or high pressure spray.
  • Largest panel size is 48” x 96”. An enclosure with larger panel requirements is stacked with an H-Channel extrusion piece.
  • Custom sizes available, we tailor to your needs.

Category 5 Hurricane Protection!

No hurricanes in your area? How about storm debris or golf balls? We’ve got you covered!

Building Code approved for:

  • Florida Building Code
  • Miami-Dade County
  • North & South Carolina Building Code

Also a member of the International Hurricane Protection Association, the Aluminum Association of Florida, and Florida ECAP energy efficiency approved.


Security Patio & Balcony Screen Enclosures

Bahama Screens® Patio & Balcony Screen Enclosures feature heavy duty aluminum frames and stainless steel wire screening. These are the most durable screen enclosures ever made! They provide child safety protection and resistance to pet damage in addition to insect control. 

Perfect for patios, sun rooms, balconies, pool enclosures and any other type of enclosure. Provides additional safety and security around your property.

Tested and proven Patio & Balcony Screen Enclosures

• ENERGY SAVINGS: Reduce heat loads by up to 30% with a 90% reduction in UV rays, while still enjoying 90% light visibility. UV ray deduction will protect those inside as well as all exterior finishings from UV damage.

• SECURITY: Bahama Screens are cut- and puncture-resistant and can withstand up to 22,000 lbs. of pressure per square inch for exceptional security.

• STORM PROTECTION: Our patio and balcony screen enclosures are virtually maintenance-free and constructed with heavy duty non-corrosive aluminum prepared to weather the storm Category 5 Hurricane. Miami-Dade, Florida building code, North and South Carolina Building code and international hurricane protection approved for HVHZ 5 hurricane, and it took a lot of testing to get us there.

• DESIGN: Designed for residential, commercial, and institutional applications. Our products are available in white and bronze, but we do not shy away from custom colors, OR custom sizes. We create our products based off your requirements. Patio & Balcony Screen Enclosure measurement charts are available at your request or on our website.



• Heavy-duty custom-built panel screens are 0.125” thick with a 1.750” wide frame to be mounted into your existing frame.

• Heavy-duty, high tensile stainless-steel .028 diameter wire mesh with black powder coat finish.

• Standard colors are white and bronze, custom colors available.

• MULLION BARS (optional) – Bahama Screens® mullion bars are typically placed mid-screen for additional durability. Our screen enclosure mullion bars are 3” in width.