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HUD Window Screens



  • HUD approved, exceeds all expectations and requirements
  • Cost competitive without sacrificing quality.
  • Beautifully designed appearance, giving your property charm and lasting curb appeal.
  • Strong 6105-T5 aluminum alloy constructed frame. This alloy is 133% stronger than 6063-T5, giving you a tensile strength of 38,000 psi.
  • Custom sizes and colors available.
  • Great visibility, while adding privacy to your home or business.
  • Black powder-coated, puncture resistant stainless steel .028 diameter wire mesh provides exceptional security and enables privacy.
  • Impact resistant, child proof and eliminates pet damage.
  • Easily cleans with hose, brush or high-pressure spray, without damage.



Security Window Screens

Security Window Screens:

  • Easy to install with a top mounting hinge to an existing operable window. Subframe options available.
  • Optional mullion bar that interlocks into the main frame for actual durability, not just appearance.
  • Security window screens are 0.125” thick with a 1.750” wide frame for our residential and commercial product line.

• ENERGY SAVINGS: Reduce heat loads by up to 30% with a 90% reduction in UV rays, while still enjoying 90% light visibility. UV ray deduction will protect those inside as well as all exterior finishings from UV damage.

• SECURITY: Bahama Screens are puncture resistant and can withstand up to 22,000 lbs. of pressure per square inch.

• STORM PROTECTION: Our residential window screens and security screen doors are maintenance-free and constructed with heavy duty non-corrosive aluminum prepared to weather the strong storms. We use the same durable materials on our HUD Screens, Screen Doors & Enclosures as our Hurricane-rated line!

• DESIGN: Our products are available in white and bronze, but we do not shy away from custom colors, OR custom sizes. We create our products based off your requirements. Window measurement charts are available at your request or on our website.


Window Screen Package Includes

  • Custom built heavy duty non-corrosive security window screens built per your specifications.
  • High tensile stainless-steel heavy-duty screen with black powder coat finish. Residential screens are built into the window frame with a retainer.
  • Non-corrosive spring-loaded slide bolts for easy closure.
  • MULLION BARS (optional) 1.5” wide mullion bar can be added for additional durability of your security window screens. Our competitors do not mount the mullion bar inside the window, they allow it to sit freely between the screen, at Bahama Screens we mount the mullion bars so they interlock into the main frame for actual durability.