About Us

Bahama Screens and Doors is a privately owned manufacturer of hurricane (HVHZ 5) and storm protection rated products including Bahama Shutters, Security Screens, Security Screen Doors, Balcony and Patio Enclosures nestled in a small place on the map called New Waterford, Ohio.

We are the source for the BEST, MOST RELIABLE hurricane/storm protection & security products on the market. Our products offer so much for your investment and can pay themselves off with the energy savings you will see on your electric bills, saving up to $0.30 cents on every dollar based on your geographical area.

Bahama Screens has testing result from Florida ECAP that we would be happy to share, providing the efficiency and ENERGY SAVINGS of our products. Testing has shown to reduce heat loads by up to 30% with a 90% reduction in UV rays while protecting yourself, family, guests, staff, visitors as well as your belongings from UV damage. All of this while still enjoying 90% light visibility.

Reasons why you should invest in Bahama Screens:

OUR PRODUCTS ARE FOR EVERYONE- whether you home is in the middle of a big city for security, have a Villa on the coast for hurricane protection, live off the grid in the wilderness and want to keep the bears out, or have a place next to a golf course and are tired of people driving golf balls through your windows…

Our customer base includes but is not limited to business owners, healthcare, schools, apartments, government, multi-family housing, rehabilitation centers, warehouses, store fronts, hotels, housing developments, residential owners, and commercial buildings.

• SECURITY – Did you know that according to law statistics 23% of break ins come through the screens of your home? In fact, 81% of burglars gain entry through the first floor. Warmer weather is proven to have a higher rate of home invasion, can you guess why? Yes, that’s right. Your screen doors and open windows are easy access. That IS scary, we know, but GREAT NEWS: Our screens are puncture resistant, although if someone were trying to break-in, you would certainly have time to call authorities. Our screens are made of a heavyduty stainless steel high tensile mesh that will help keep intruders out. Test results show that our screens can withstand up to 22,000 lbs. per of pressure per square inch.

Annually, greater than 4,000 children in the US receive medical treatment following a fall from a window or balcony. Our screens will create a safer living environment where tragedies like these can be prevented in your homes, resorts, workplaces, restaurants, facilities and more, as they will not break or give away like a traditional screen would i, decreasing your liabilities and holding over 250# of weight.

• STORM PROTECTION – Our products are prepared to weather the storm of a Category 5 Hurricane, that’s 155+ MPH winds we are talking about! And not only will it protect from the wind pressure but also wind-driven objects.

Bahama Screens are certified with Miami-Dade, Florida building code, North and South Carolina Building code, international hurricane protection approved for HVHZ 5 hurricane and registered for government opportunities on Sam.gov

Our product line exceeds all expectations and requirements. We don’t just claim to have a good product, we have a SUPERIOR product that has been tested over and over to perfection. THIS BUSINESS IS OUR PASSION.

We are honest, hardworking people who take pride in our products, and we ALWAYS put our customers first because we understand that without you, there is no “us”. Bahama Screens customizes to YOUR needs, not just the industry standard, and we have been doing so for 30+ years. We look forward to working with you on your future products.

Let us weather all of life’s storms with you!

Billy Grcevic
Bahama Screens and Doors